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Identify key cloud optimization drivers to save unwieldy costs and build a powerful collaborative operating model to empower teams to consistently optimize cloud costs and accelerate cloud business value.

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What we do

Bring financial accountability
to the spend value of cloud

FinOps is foundational to establishing a cost-conscious and self-governing culture that will help your teams to continuously optimize and save on current cloud costs. We help you establish a scalable FinOps model that enables business, IT, and Finance teams to gain complete visibility of cloud spend, make informed decisions, and effortlessly control cloud costs.

As a part of an initial setup, we can fine-tune your cloud spends and set your teams up for success with FinOps practices. We are also available to review and optimize your cloud costs on a periodic basis.

What we offer

We work with you to put the right people and processes in place to make intelligent cloud usage decisions and maximize the value of investments.
Cloud FinOps Framework
We collaborate with key business functions to set up FinOps practices and implement an effective cloud usage strategy across the organization. This is an end-to-end process that involves:
  • Reviewing and analyzing current cloud spends, infra CapEx/OpEx investments, various discounts applied and eliminating waste
  • Grouping and sharing of cloud resources to cut down cloud bills
  • Establishing the FinOps best practices and reporting plus notifications mechanism to manage the variable spend model of the cloud
Continuous Optimization
By reviewing FinOps outcomes and providing continuous optimization solutions, we enable you to realize cloud benefits on an incremental basis. This is done by:
  • Reviewing cloud billing and resource usage patterns on a regular basis
  • Applying discounted purchase plans across relevant resources
Training and workshops
We run regular training and workshops to engage stakeholders across your organization to adopt and practice FinOps successfully. This includes:
  • Introductory workshops on the cloud and change management
  • Regular demonstration of FinOps adoption and ROI

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