Environmental, Social, and Governance

Leverage cloud-based scalable data platforms and analytics solutions to better serve the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance journey.

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Elevate your ESG data management and reporting capabilities

Businesses across industries are prioritizing ESG programs such as reducing the carbon footprint, creating more eco-friendly operations, protecting financial investments, and managing social responsibilities. From collecting relevant data to building scalable platforms to harness the data, the cloud is helping organizations to advance their ESG efforts and measure its impact.

We help you strengthen your ESG initiatives with cloud-based scalable, secure, and cost-effective data and analytics solutions. We partner with you at every step of your ESG journey and help you manage, maintain, and extract value from internal and external data sources in a cost-effective manner. With data analytics reference architectures and playbooks, we help you accelerate ESG goals faster.

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What we offer

We help you build your ESG success on a solid cloud foundation where you can align your people, processes, and technology to better manage workload costs and sustainability initiatives.
Data Platforms, Analytics & Reporting
We partner with you to modernize ESG data platforms in the cloud and articulate ESG regulatory requirements with ease. We do this by:
  • Analyzing ESG regulatory needs
  • Identifying data strategy and data sources
  • Modernizing ESG data platforms, infrastructure setup, cloud-native databases, and business intelligence reporting models
  • Applying data analytics and visualization techniques to meet the compliance reporting needs
We help you to simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios in the cloud in a cost-effective manner by:
  • Identifying business scenarios and influencing factors
  • Using large datasets, analytics, and AI/ML techniques
Monitoring and Optimization
We streamline business functions that require plant, process, or equipment monitoring by:
  • Setting up the IoT-based monitoring and optimization mechanism
  • Capturing in-depth data and analytics to assess the overall health of the process or equipment
Process Transformation
We empower you to transform existing business processes in the cloud to better align with the ESG mandates and guidelines. We enable this by:
  • Exploring opportunities to align and incorporate ESG in ongoing digital transformation initiatives
  • Transforming processes aimed at improving operational efficiency, reducing waste, and bringing traceability to financial investments
  • Establishing process reviews and transformation roadmaps

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