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Maximize your capabilities, solve complex challenges, and improve algorithmic performance by building data and analytics solutions on the cloud.

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What we do

Hyperscale data and analytics
for high-performance

We understand the limitations of the legacy infrastructure and the unique ways in which businesses can achieve better results with enterprise data architectures. We help you secure your data platforms, unlock rich insights and make strategic decisions at scale by modernizing your data environments.

With our suite of advanced analytics services, you can manage complex data seamlessly and lift business performance in a cost-effective manner.

What we offer

We help you make your data more valuable on the cloud and deliver game-changing results through intelligent operations.
We enable you to build a cloud-based data ecosystem to align your analytics initiatives to quantifiable business outcomes. We work closely with you to prioritize milestones and define an ideal cloud-adoption strategy for your data initiatives by:
  • Reviewing current data systems and data sources
  • Building a modernization business case roadmap
  • Establishing business objectives, relevant analytics, and AI/ML initiatives
  • Define data lake, data warehouse, and data integration architectures
We help our partners in their databases and data warehouse migration journeys both from on-premise to the cloud and from one cloud to another cloud. With our expertise and suite of cloud-native solutions, you can:
  • Adopt a scalable, secure, and cost-effective data ecosystem on the cloud
  • Establish an environment for analytics and machine learning-based solutions
  • Industrialize integration with the upstream, downstream, applications, and analytics systems
  • Enable data validation and functional testing
Cloud-Native Data Solutions
By partnering with us, you can execute data engineering activities on the cloud to achieve desired objectives. We make this possible by assisting you in:
  • Building a comprehensive strategy that includes data source identification, integration, building data landing stages, ETL logic, data uploads, cleansing, quality, and governance
  • Implementing an end-to-end data engineering strategy and integration model, ETL, DB/DW loads, data validation
  • Leveraging best-in-class tools, methodologies, and process setup
  • Aligning with DevOps, SecOps, and MLOps automation pipelines
DW Build and Modernization
As organizations drive analytics and AI/ML initiatives on massive data accumulated across several data sources, we leverage current and historical data sets to extract insights:
  • Data Warehouse migration and modernization
  • Data Warehouse build
  • Associated data engineering, integration, quality, and validation
Analytics and Visualization
With our analytics solutions, we help you extract meaningful insights from massive, complex data warehouses and drive data-driven business initiatives. We help build analytics solutions by leveraging:
  • Cloud-native technologies and BI/visualization products
  • Descriptive analytics and visualization
  • Real-time analytics
  • IoT analytics platforms to monitor, analyze, and visualize industrial data at scale

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