Accelerating RTP/FedNow ​Adoption, revolutionizing instant payments

Enabling financial institutions with ISO 20022-centric RTP/FedNow acceleration solutions, democratizing instant payments, and enhancing universal accessibility for all.

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What we have:

Comprehensive solutions suite for embracing and Navigating RTP/FedNow Opportunities and Challenges

BlitzzPay Solutions propel Financial Institutions on an accelerated journey towards RTP/FedNow instant payments adoption. BlitzzPay Simulator, a comprehensive testing sandbox, optimizes testing precision, replicating real-time payments for system and response handling optimization. BlitzzPay Analytics enables informed decisions with real-time insights, predefined KPIs, and interactive Q-n-A. BlitzzPay API standardizes ISO 20022 processing, simplifying complexity and enhancing developer productivity. And the BlitzzPay Test Data generator produces ISO 20022-formatted FedNow messages from seed data.

Enhancing Testing with Accuracy and Precision

BlitzzPay Simulator empowers financial institutions to comprehensively test and validate ISO 20022 FedNow/RTP messages, ensuring accuracy and optimal performance. With intuitive UI and configurable rules, testing becomes efficient and precise

BlitzzPay Simulator

  • Real-Time Scenarios testing
  • Configurable Rules
  • Offline Validations
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Performance Testing
  • Flexible deployment options
  • And more.

Empowering Real-Time Decision-Making

BlitzzPay Analytics, driven by Microsoft Azure and Power BI, delivers real-time insights into ISO 20022 FedNow and RTP messages. Offering over 100 predefined KPIs and QnA features, it empowers operations executives to proactively act on/enhance customer experiences.

BlitzzPay Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Predefined KPIs
  • Q-N-A Capability
  • Business Notifications
  • Agile Deployment
  • Based on Azure Fabric
  • And more.

Enhancing Developer Productivity

BlitzzPay API transforms ISO 20022-based messaging, simplifying complexities and business rules for developers. The comprehensive SDK and detailed documentation ensure swift productivity, empowering developers for efficient and reliable message processing.

BlitzzPay API
  • Universal Participation Support
  • ISO 20022 Compliance
  • Comprehensive SDK
  • Latest Version Compliance
  • Advanced Security
  • Thorough Documentation
  • And more.

Fueling Tester Productivity

BlitzzPay Data Generator transforms ISO 20022 test data using provided seed data. With configurable options, testers control FedNow/RTP message types, % of invalid messages, and overall quantity, facilitating comprehensive functional and stress testing and more.

BlitzzPay Data Generator
  • ISO 20022 Compliance
  • Works on seed test data
  • Individual message & scenario selection
  • Configurable message count and invalid messages
  • Configurable destinations file system
  • And more.

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