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Modernize legacy environments, accelerate banking innovation, and deliver next-gen experiences in a cost-effective manner using cloud-native solutions.

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Enhance the banking experience for the next digital era

The banking and financial services industry is undergoing unprecedented change as new-age FinTechs and tech giants are chipping away at the value chain. Embracing cloud-native solutions will help the highly regulated banking industry to become truly digital. Cloud helps the business and IT teams to continuously collaborate, shape new business models, and future-proof operating systems. Our cloud-based and AI/ML-powered solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your digital transformation journey.

As your strategic partner, we bring our technological expertise and global perspectives to help you build a flexible architecture in the cloud. We have cloud-based reference architectures and value-acceleration solutions that will speed up your time-to-market journey. Our ROI calculator, big data processing and analytics solution, and cloud adoption scenarios across banking, payments, and lending will help you streamline your processes and gain a competitive advantage in the digital marketplace.

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We are helping financial institutions commit to constant innovation and transform to become tomorrow’s market leaders.
Generative AI
We work with you in the intricacies of Financial Services, providing Generative AI solutions that prioritize compliance, security, and innovation to ensure sustainable success within regulatory constraints
  • Synthetic Data Generation: Innovative synthetic data solutions, enabling accurate testing and development within regulatory constraints - For example ISO 20022 messages for FedNow/RTP testing
  • Advanced Fraud Prevention: Implementing AI-driven models for real-time fraud detection and prevention, safeguarding financial transactions and bolstering security. - For example FedNow instant Payment fraud prevention
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: Personalization for financial products and services, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and retention.
We power you to build new business capabilities by modernizing legacy financial systems and technology stacks. We collaborate with your teams to articulate potential business value by:
  • Assessing the “as is” states, architecting the “to be” states, defining the modernization roadmap, and implementing it with concrete milestones
  • Accommodating advanced cloud-native and AI/ML capabilities to realize business benefits
  • Enabling transition of monolith-to-microservices, API-fication, and containerization
Data and Analytics
Along with improving your data-driven decisions, we partner with you to help you with agile regulatory reporting, customer personalization, and insights-driven innovative financial products. We make this possible by:
  • Building/Migrating and modernizing databases and data warehouses
  • Integrating data analytics with business reporting
  • Offering secure data solutions

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