Reimagine and modernize applications in the cloud

Upgrade applications in the cloud to remain competitive and respond to business imperatives aimed at reducing operating costs and achieving agility in an increasingly digital world.

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What we do

Accelerate the pace of business
with modernization

Secure an unbeatable competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve by building and deploying next-generation applications for the digital economy. Our technology enablers will help you tap into the real value of the cloud by modernizing legacy applications. We help you fuel innovation, drive enterprise agility, and deliver business centric applications with cutting-edge cloud-native capabilities. Our adaptive portfolio of solutions and modernization ROI framework, industry-specific reference architectures, domain and technology solution accelerators will help you unlock value from legacy investments, tap into new business opportunities and achieve your goals at speed.

What we offer

Our application modernization capabilities are designed to simplify business operations, cut infrastructure costs, and deliver mission-critical solutions in the cloud.
We help in increasing the success of your digital transformation initiatives by:
  • Reviewing and rationalizing application portfolio and identifying an ideal modernization strategy
  • Maintaining technology currency and measuring the health of your application architecture
  • Building modernization ROI, business case, and roadmap units
  • Organizing regular cloud adoption workshops
  • Establishing POCs, POTs, digital engineering hubs, and COEs
Be it migrate-and-modernize or modernize-and-migrate, we are with you at every step of the journey. We enable you to:
  • Extract the value from the monolith applications and harness that with the cloud capabilities
  • Set priorities right with a top-down business-centric approach
  • Collaborate with Microsoft Azure and other technology partners to accelerate the modernization initiatives
  • Spearhead application and legacy infrastructure migration from on-prem to cloud and cloud-to-cloud
  • Power cloud-native reengineering, refactoring, and seamlessly transition monolith-to-microservices
Cloud-Native App Development
We help you achieve the true benefits of the cloud platform by developing next-generation applications using cloud-native capabilities.
  • Build innovative business applications from scratch
  • Leverage modern software engineering principles
  • Sustain the digital momentum with cloud-native architecture, design, POC, POTs, DDD, microservices, APIs, DevSecOps, POD-based agile deliveries
Digital Engineering
We help clients improve performance significantly and drive digital transformation at scale with our digital engineering services and extensive cloud expertise.
  • Align associated engineering processes with the cloud paradigm
  • Modernize digital engineering practices and processes on and around the cloud
  • Develop a DevOps, SecOps, end-to-end DevSecOps pipeline
  • Implement a POD-based agile delivery model
  • Automate deployment and monitoring using cloud-native and open-source products and tools

Drive your business forward
with cloud-native solutions

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